In early October 2013, 3HD Archery has opened to the public – the most modern Video Archery Shooting Range in Europe. On these pages You will find everything there is to know about our archery center: 3HD is a state of the art High Tech Indoor Range, competent advice, a well-sorted store selling everything the archer’s heart desires and a cosy Track’n’Brag Lounge inviting archers to sit, track their results and brag with their skills – all over drinks & little snacks. Our shooting range is a TECHNOHUNT TH400PRO, the first one online worldwide outside the US of A, and offers numerous challenging features, including mulitiple shot for up to 3 shooters simultaneously, immediate score display, over 600 hunting scenes on domestic and exotic wild game. For non-hunters we have a couple of skill games, too: a very competetive version of the well-known classis TICTACTOE – played with bow & arrow – as well as a DARTS CRICKET game – both for 20 yards shot distance.

Until now, as an archer in Europe, you only had the choice between hours of set-up in sports halls and muddy shoes on an outdoor parcours, before you could let a few arrows fly. This ends here.

Finally there is an opportunity to practice and enjoy one of the world’s oldest sports independent of darkness, season or weather – in the convenience of the indoors, backed by state of the art video and simulation technology from the US, with friends, on your own or our lease equipment. 20 yards, 1 projector, 1 computer, 1 screen, 3 archers – ZERO boredom! No pulling arrows from foam animals! Instant score display, IBO chronograph! Hundreds of hunting scenes make for a versatile Xperience! Efficient, simple, convenient training focused on the essentials! Finally arrived: bow shooting as easy as on the bowling alleys!

Our shooting range comes from America, patent pending, and is the only one of its kind in the whole of Europe. Patented multishot technology for up to 3 shooters simultaneously. Two sensor arrays track and clock the arrow in-flight, sensors by the screen record hits, the computer analyses and compares to the hit zones and measures speed of the arrow. The projector displays everything in real time and the print handed out at the end helps the shooter keep track. Leagues are possible, too, and explicitly encouraged. Interesting for individuals and clubs alike. Competitive medalist or hobby archer, hunting for cups, meat or recreation – our range will convince you.

Caution, addictive! Equipped with blunt tips you shoot directly at our screen showing many hunting scenarios of domestic or exotic animals – without ever shedding a drop of blood. The system’s computer provides scores and other measurments and can even simulate ambient parameters, such as wind, and true yardage(TM). After practice the printed results can be discussed and showed off in our cozy Track’n’Brag lounge over drinks and snacks..

Another part of 3HD Archery is our well-sorted shop, not only selling bows, but also tuning and adjusting them to the owners, fletching arrows and making for all the other bells and whistles defining a family owned archery business. We’re a MATHEWS authorised PRO SHOP and also carry loads of other renouned brands, such as AXION, VAPORTRAIL, BOHNING, VICTORY, LIMBSAVER, STOKERIZED, PLANO, TRUBALL & AXCEL, TRUFIRE, TRUGLO & APEX, TROPHY RIDGE, SPECIALTY ARCHERY, NOCKTURNAL, G5 and many more.

3HD the true story

Well, where DOES the name come from, 3HD archery?
That is easy to explain: We got triplets in february 2011. And because we did not – unlike most of today’s parents-to-be – want to check on the offspring’s gender ahead of time, nor wanted to call them “brood” all the time, there was urgent need for a working title. And this is how we came up with the “Three Headed Dragon”… Not an ugly monster, of course, but a sweet little rascal type dragon…


And since said dragon ever since we learned of its existence plays a vital role in our lives, we had the name or term lend itself to our new business… Besides, a three headed dragon is a perfect balance of unity and individuality: One dragon, three heads. And after all, this also is mirrored in the archery: One hobby, many ways to go about it. One archery center, three main missions (shop, shooting range, lounge)…

Let’s see if the dragon likes the idea, once they are big enough to understand…


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